Discipleship Resources

  • The Assemblies of God Covid-19 Response


    Resources to help guide churches

  • Memory Verse & Scripture Song

    Parents we encourage you to take time to go over the Memory Verse with your children. We also have a scripture song video that will help your kids to learn. Here's a link to the Scripture Song

  • Free Download Helping Kids Discover What Salvation through Jesus Is All About!!!

  • Amazing Videos To Help You Learn The Bible Book by Book

    The Bible Project is a nonprofit animation studio that produces short- form, fully animated Bible videos and other Bible resources to make the biblical story accessible to everyone, everywhere. 

  • Kids Can Persevere!

    Perseverance is a long word, but it’s pretty simple to understand: to persevere means to keep trying, even when it’s hard. There are many things in our life that require perseverance, and it can be really difficult. But we don’t have to persevere on our own! God would love to help us live the life He has called us to. Click on the image to Download a free 4 week devotional.